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De Flirt Squad

TV Series/Comic Drama

Assistant Director/Setdressing
Network: OPEN Rotterdam

This spring (2018) a brand new serie about two successful highly educated friends in their thirties, with different cultural backgrounds. We meet freelance copy writer Candace. Candace is a white Western feminist and believes that society limits women in their sexual freedom. In addition, we get to know freelance Gospel singer Lily-Ann. Lily-Ann is a self-confident but conservative black woman who is guided by her cultural background and faith.

In De Flirt Squad we follow the search for love of both ladies. Although they differ completely from each other, they have a close friendship for years and they share a luxury apartment in the heart of Rotterdam. In the series we see how the friendship becomes shaky. The social discussions make them more aware than ever of the racial differences. Something that never played a role before now threatens to drive them apart. With De Flirt Squad, we respond to a universal need of people: finding love. In addition, we respond to the current situation in our society. The hardening of society and the fierce discussions raise the question whether love is, of course, transcending culture and color. With De Flirt Squad we try to prove it, but this is not without a struggle.

Director: Rasheida Adrianus
Number of episodes: 6
Duration of episode: 10 min
Genre: Comic Drama
Broadcaster: OPEN Rotterdam
Broadcast date: Q2 2018