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Tent X Alida Dors Backbone



On Saturday 29 July 2017, the TENT art institution took part in the Rotterdam Summer Carnival for the third time. For this edition choreographer Alida Dors inspired a parade on the role of dance in Afro-Caribbean funeral ceremonies. The parade with more than thirty dancers connects the political power of hip-hop with the Caribbean carnival as a moment to relive and pursue cultural traditions. For this project, Dors worked with dancers from hip-hop houses in the Netherlands: Solid Ground Movement, Haagse Hiphop Centrum and Urban House Groningen. Hip-hop DJ, DJ Lovesupreme developed a composition especially for the parade, in which hip-hop merges with live music from a traditional Surinamese bazaar society above the stars. Fashion stylist Isis Vaandrager dressed the dancers. Artists Laser 3.14 and Brian Elstak designed texts and drawings for the float.